Increase Transparency for Gifts Received by the County (IR 2002-20)

I introduced legislation adopting a Local Law amending the Suffolk County Administrative Code to require that all gifts given to the County be vetted by the receiving department or the procurement department before being presented to the Legislature and a form completed by that department before presented to the Legislature.

Established a new capital project ranking form for the Legislature. (IR 1812-20)

Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Task Force

Co-sponsored Legislation establishing a Task Force to address the disparate impacts of maternal morbidity and mortality in Suffolk County. (IR 1973-20)

Strengthening and Improving County Roads

As a County Legislator I have been and remain committed to maintaining and improving our infrastructure. I co-sponsored numerous pieces of legislation that appropriated funds to improve roads throughout the 16th L.D.
(IR 1190-19; IR 1271-18; IR 1299-19; IR 1440-18).

The Greens at Half Hollow

The Legislature approved the sale of land owed to The Greens at Half Hollow’s Home Owners Association for the construction of a building to house the community’s maintenance equipment. As a result of legislation that I sponsored and championed, this purchase is underway. (IR 1434-19)

Expanding Transparency in Government

I introduced legislation requiring that all members of the County Legislature receive notice of settlement discussions before the Ways & Means Committee for potential settlements over $750,000. The goal of this resolution is to increase transparency and provide all members of the Legislature the opportunity to be involved in settlement discussions prior to the settlement being considered before the full body. (IR 1745-18)

Expanding Housing Options for Suffolk County Residents

I sponsored legislation requiring that a percentage of Suffolk County’s contribution to any future affordable housing developments be used to create units that remain affordable in perpetuity. The legislation also requires that when the County gives land for a project pursuant to Section 72h, the house built on that land must be permanently sold at an affordable rate. I sponsored this legislation to continue my work as a Town of Huntington Councilwoman, ensuring that some number of affordable housing units remain affordable in perpetuity, giving more people a chance to live and work in Suffolk County. (IR 2209-18)

Support for Contract Agencies

As a member of the budget working group I advocated for responsible funding for contract agencies, or organizations that provide services to the public on behalf of the County, to address some of the most critical challenges that we face as a county. These challenges include combating opioid addiction and the provision of social services to our most vulnerable populations. I will advocate for this funding so that these types of vital services can continue uninterrupted and unimpeded. (IR 1973-18)

Assisting Furloughed Federal Workers

The 2018-2019 partial federal government shutdown was the longest in our history, resulting in 420,000 employees working without pay and 320,000 additional employees being furloughed for five weeks. I co-sponsored legislation giving these federal employees more time to pay their property taxes. (IR 1142-19)

Advocating for Suffolk Community College

The Legislature unanimously voted to increase the County’s portion of funding for the College which, in part, will mitigate the increased cost of tuition for students. Suffolk County Community College is a vital institution that provides thousands of students each year with a first step into higher education and preparation to join our workforce with the jobs of the future. (IR 1647-18)

Suffolk County Community College received the “Veterans Success On Campus” designation from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs that exists on only 99 other college campuses across the country. This designation comes with a VSOC Counselor to provide services like adjustment counseling regarding completion of education programs and entrance to employment, vocational testing, educational and career counseling, and expedited VR&E services and support and assistance to all Veterans with VA benefits regardless of entitlement, benefit usage or enrollment status. SCCC was awarded this designation because they serve close to 700 military connected students across all 3 campuses with an established Veterans Resource Center on each campus. Additionally they offer courses on-site at the 106th Air Rescue Wing to members of the NY Air Guard.

The Legislature also found and appropriated grant money from the National Science Foundation for a project whose goal is to advance underrepresented minority STEM faculty at SCCC. Other funding was also accepted and appropriated to create an up-to-date set of employer-led and verified Information Technology (IT) skill standards for high demand job clusters. (IR 2051-18; IR 2052-18)