Providing Emergency, Medical and Ambulance Services

Councilwoman Berland sponsored legislation to approve the Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) service credits for the Huntington Community First Aid Squad and Commack Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Amending the Town’s Fire Code

Councilwoman Berland co-sponsored legislation to update the Town Fire Code in order to require a hearing when the Fire Marshal placards a building and/or orders the occupants of a building off the property. This resolution complies with recent amendments to the New York State Fire Code and Property Maintenance Code.

Protecting Huntington’s Drivers and Pedestrians

Councilwoman Berland passed legislation to purchase and install solar powered permanent driver feedback speed signs at Carmen Road in Melville.

Councilwoman Berland sponsored the installation of new traffic signals and related traffic calming improvements on Depot Road in Huntington Station.

Councilwoman Berland sponsored a resolution to create a progressive fine schedule to protect Huntington commuters from those who continue to park in commuter spaces without a commuter parking pass.

Helping Residents Inform Emergency Medical Personnel of Vital Information 
Councilwoman Berland partnered with the Division of Handicapped Services to create the “Red Dot Program,” a Townwide designed to inform emergency medical personnel of vital medical, contact and insurance information which may affect treatment given at an accident scene. Participants in this program will place a red dot on the rear corner of the driver’s side back window of their vehicle. The dot will alert medical personnel that vital medical and emergency information regarding the driver and/or the young children in the car is located in the vehicle’s glove compartment.