Awareness and Recognition

Addressing Pay Disparity

The RISE (Restricting Information on Salaries and Earnings) Act prohibits any employer in Suffolk County from requesting or seeking the wage history of a prospective employee during any stage of the interviewing or hiring process.  I cosponsored the RISE Act because it aims to address the historic disparity in pay between women, other racial and ethnic minorities and their male counterparts.  The resolution passed the Legislature unanimously. (IR-1856)

Donations to Local Schools

Brentwood High School’s Science Research Club encourages students to remain involved in STEM studies outside of the classroom. I was happy to sponsor a resolution donating computer equipment to the club to further enable them to provide BHS’s students the resources they need to excel in their scientific pursuits (IR 1514-19)

Dyslexia Awareness Month

The Legislature unanimously approved designating October as “Dyslexia Awareness Month” in Suffolk County. Dyslexia is a condition which causes persons to have difficulty with accurate word recognition, spelling and decoding abilities. As a dyslexic myself, I know the challenges of dyslexia but also know that overcoming adversity and reaching one’s goals is possible with the right support and resources. (IR-1701)

Encouraging Philanthropy 

My colleagues and I supported an initiative declaring October 26, 2018 as “One Island Giving Day” in Suffolk County to encourage residents to partake in philanthropic endeavors to benefit our fellow Long Islanders. (IR-1669)

Donations to a Local Non-Profit

The Legislature approved a donation of County-owned computer equipment to SeniorNet at Family Service League, a non-profit organization that provides Internet and computer education to adults over 55. (IR-1565)

Recognition of Women

I am proud to be one of the 6 women that make up the 18 member Suffolk County Legislature. March 19th was designated a day of celebration of women in public office throughout Suffolk County. (IR-1149)

Honoring Italian-Americans 

Italian-Americans have and continue to make significant contributions to Suffolk County. That’s why my colleagues and I designated October as “Italian-American Appreciation Month” in Suffolk County. (IR-1858)