Public Safety

Requiring Both Water and Amusement Parks to Notify the Police

I proposed legislation to require that any criminal offense committed against a person involving physical injury, sexual misconduct, restraint or intimidation that takes place at a water park or an amusement park be immediately reported to law enforcement. Suffolk County’s water and amusement parks should be safe places for all to enjoy and those who commit crimes in these venues should be held accountable. (IR-2015)

Free Sunscreen Program

As a Councilwoman for the Town of Huntington I worked to create a free sunscreen program at Town parks and beaches and I wanted to bring the program county-wide so that all residents of Suffolk County could receive the benefits that sunscreen provides. The resolution I sponsored established a sunscreen dispenser program at twenty-one County parks, beaches and golf courses, with private funding, to provide access to protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation and to reduce the incidence of skin cancer and melanoma in Suffolk County. (IR-1840)

Combatting Illegal Squatters

Illegal squatting is an all too prevalent issue in our County that affects the quality of life and safety of our residents. In an effort to combat illegal squatters, I sponsored legislation which requires that the County notify public utilities when homes owned by the County become vacant. The goal of this law is to prevent someone from turning the utilities on in a home that they are unauthorized to inhabit. This aw is a solid first step towards the collaborative relationship that must exist between the County and our public utilities in order to mitigate this ongoing public safety concern. (IR 2018-18)

Protecting Our Schools

The Public Safety Rapid Response Project streamlines and centralizes emergency response to K-12 schools within Suffolk County by providing administrators and faculty at participating schools with access to the RAVE App. When faced with an emergency, they can activate
the application on a smartphone, which immediately calls 911 and simultaneously alerts other personnel. It also allows communication between law enforcement and first responders with those on the school premises and provides up-to-date information that responders may need, such as the layout of the school building. (IR-1557)

Ryan’s Law

In the aftermath of a terrible tragedy, the Legislature passed Ryan’s Law, which requires water vessels used for instructional purposes to have a propeller guard to ensure the safety of students and protect against accidental injury. (IR-1402)

Social Host Law 

I supported an initiative to expand the Social Host Law to include penalties for adults who permit the use of illicit drugs by minors who are under their charge. (IR-1197)