Providing Food Service for the Homebound, Handicapped and Disabled

Councilwoman Berland enacted legislation for Meals on Wheels of Huntington to use the John J. Flanagan Center on Park Avenue in Huntington.

Ensuring Summer Fun for the Developmentally Disabled
Councilwoman Berland frequently sponsors legislation to support recreational summer programs for the developmentally disabled and has repeatedly secured funding through the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

Protecting Handicapped Drivers and their Designated Spots
Councilwoman Berland fought tirelessly to ensure that handicapped parking spaces are used only by those with legitimate handicapped permits.

  • Revised the law under which handicapped parking permits are issued and appointed volunteers to enforce the parking laws.
  • Cracked down on individuals altering or creating handicapped parking permits for personal gain by passing legislation to automatically revoke their permit and fine them $500.00.

Implementing Programs to Ensure Safety and Security in the 21st Century
Councilwoman Berland partnered with the Division of Handicapped Services to offer training seminars and computer installation and encouraged the usage and distribution of smoke detectors and thermometers.

Bringing the Special Olympics to Huntington
Councilwoman Berland has co-sponsored legislation to authorize the use of the Dix Hills Golf Course for the Special Olympics for the Long Island Region.