Bringing the Community Together to Keep Our Town Clean and Enjoyable

Councilwoman Berland sponsors and supports programming that gives Huntington’s residents a chance to have a hand in maintaining their town.

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  • Leads the “Keep Huntington Beautiful” campaign and sponsors annual community cleanups at the Old Burying Ground in Huntington Village, Gold Star Battalion Beach, Crab Meadow Beach and the Centerport Senior Beach House.
  • Sponsored legislation that appoints volunteer park and garden stewards.
  • Spearheaded the “Adopt a Hydrant” program which encourages Huntington residents to assist the Town’s first responders by keeping their adopted hydrants clear of any debris, litter, foliage or snow that may hinder the ability of an emergency responder to access it.


Encouraging Residents to Take an Active Role in Preserving Huntington’s Historic Cemeteries

Councilwoman Berland created the Town of Huntington’s Historic Cemetery Stewards Program to give volunteers an active role in the preservation of historic properties and to assist the Town in maintaining them. Stewards visit and evaluate a historic cemetery of their choice within the Town and submit two biannual status reports, one in April and one in October, on the condition of the cemetery. 


Maintaining Huntington’s Historic Integrity
Councilwoman Berland frequently sponsors legislation to issue Certificates of Approval to historic districts throughout the Town of Huntington to maintain the historic integrity and value of our town.

Revitalizing Huntington’s Historic Properties
Councilwoman Berland spearheaded legislation that restored the Colonial Arsenal and the Old Burying Ground in Huntington Village and Middleville Cemetery in Fort Salonga.

Coloring Hecksher Park with Art Installations
Councilwoman Berland continually supports the annual “Art in the Park” Fine Art and Crafts Festival by sponsoring legislation to allow the Art League of Long Island to use Heckscher Park for the grand event and to permit local artists to display public art installations in Heckscher Park.

Memorializing the Legacy of Anne Frank in the Town of Huntington 
Councilwoman Berland established the Anne Frank Memorial Garden at Arboretum Park in Melville and sponsors an annual celebration at the garden in June. The Garden, designed by local landscape architect Steven Dubner, depicts Anne Frank’s strength and perseverance as she strived to overcome severe adversity during the Holocaust and brings visitors on a metaphorical journey through her life as it commemorates events such as “Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass” and Anne’s time in hiding. The Anne Frank Memorial Garden, unveiled in June of 2010, is open free of charge to the public during normal park hours (sunrise to sunset).