Encouraging the Town of Huntington to “Go Green”

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  • Councilwoman Berland sponsored legislation to appropriate monies from the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund for LED lighting at multiple facilities.
  • Councilwoman Berland sponsored legislation to appropriate monies from the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund for an Electric Vehicle charging station at Town Hall.
  • Councilwoman Berland co-sponsored legislation to protect our environment and reduce air and noise pollution in Huntington by creating a ‘Green Zone’ at Heckscher Park and Town Hall. This resolution calls for a study that will analyze the Town’s existing landscape practices, recommend the appropriate, cost-effective battery powered equipment and instruct Town personnel on the use, care and maintenance of those devices. For this project, the Town will work closely with Huntington CALM and the American Green Zone Alliance.


Investigating the Effects of Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

Councilwoman Berland has advocated for residents and landscaping companies in the Town of Huntington to only use electric powered equipment as opposed to gas-powered equipment. Councilwoman Berland has raised her awareness on this issue through the Leaf Blower Public Service Announcement, Leaf Blower Survey and the “green pledge” on her town website. For more information, please visit http://www.huntingtonny.gov/leaf-blower-psa

Promoting Free Home Energy Audits

Councilwoman Berland has encouraged Huntington residents to participate in the free home energy audit offer now available from the NYSERDA sponsored Long Island Green Homes Program.

Making Improvements at Centerport Beach

Councilwoman Berland sponsored legislation to appropriate monies from the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund and Neighborhood Parks Fund for a Stormwater runoff control rain garden demonstration project at Centerport Beach.

Improving Water District Facilities in Huntington  

Councilwoman Berland authorized the increase and improvement of facilities of the Huntington Wastewater Disposal District consisting of improvements to the scavenger waste pretreatment facility

Councilwoman Berland appropriated monies for the increase and improvement of facilities of the Dix Hills Water District, consisting of the replacement of underground fuel tanks and Plant #1 and improvements to the SCADA System at Plant #6.  

Putting a Stop to Running Bamboo
Councilwoman Berland sponsored legislation that added Chapter 156A (Bamboo) to the Code of the Town of Huntington in efforts to preserve and protect private and public property from the damaging spread of certain running bamboo grasses, protect indigenous plant materials from the invasive spread of running bamboo and maintain the general welfare of residents of the Town of Huntington. Councilwoman Berland also published the “Planting Bamboo: The Ins and Outs of Responsible Bamboo Ownership” pamphlet to inform Town residents about the various intricacies involved when removing and/or owning bamboo.

Open Space Projects
Councilwoman Berland continually sponsors and supports acquisitions of open space and park enhancements based on recommendations from the Town’s Environmental Open Space and Park Fund review (EOSPA) Advisory Committee through the Environmental Open Space and Parks Improvement Bond Act.

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  • Coral Park
    Councilwoman Berland sponsored the successful September 2013 resolution, with the support of her colleagues, to allocate funding, through the Environmental Open Space and Park Improvement Fund and Neighborhood Parks Fund, to develop a 1.5 acre park, which will be located on Broadway-Greenlawn Road across from Leigh Street in Greenlawn after a years-long attempt at creating a park in the area. The Town will proceed with plans to include a playground, a basketball court, a plaza with picnic and chess/checker tables, a large open lawn, irrigation, sidewalks, and a parking area
  • Erb Farm/Burrs Lane
    Councilwoman Berland co-sponsored the successful resolution to acquire the 5-acre parcel located at 146 Burrs Lane in Dix Hills in September 2012 after a six year long attempt at securing its purchase for active recreational park use. Joined by Huntington residents, Councilwoman Berland celebrated the acquisition via EOSPA funding with a ground breaking in July 2013. The Town will proceed with a plan to build soccer fields.
  • Loft Estates
    In 2009, Councilwoman Berland secured EOSPA funding to clean up the pond and beautify the surrounding area of the Loft Estates neighborhood.
  • Village on the Hill
    Initiated by a local resident, carpenter and home renovator, Councilwoman Berland joined the Village on the Hill community in sponsoring their 2006 beautification project through EOSPA funding to purchase dirt, sand, brick and landscaping to renovate the entrance to the Village on the Hill community.


Curbing Inappropriate E-Waste Disposal
Councilwoman Berland supported legislation to create a curb-side E-Waste recycling program for Town of Huntington residents to protect the environment from toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium prior to the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act goes into effect.

Encouraging Proper Disposal of Hazardous Waste
Councilwoman Berland continuously sponsors legislation to extend funding for the services of chemical hauling and disposal for the Town of Huntington Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Storage Facility.


Darkening our Skies and Lowering our Energy Usage
Councilwoman Berland authored the 2005 “Dark Skies” legislation which outlines appropriate outdoor lights and uses in efforts to limit both the amount of light pollution in the sky and the amount of energy used to light properties.

Protecting Children from Environmental Toxins
Councilwoman Berland co-sponsored a seminar titled “Preventing Our Children from Environmental Toxins” with the Department of Human Services Women’s Division, the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Providing Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles
Councilwoman Berland co-sponsored legislation to apply for and receive funding from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority for a pilot Clean Fleet Electric Project for an electric vehicle charging unit at the Huntington Train Station.

Saying “No” to Toxic Woodburning Devices  
Councilwoman Berland banned outdoor wood burning devices in the Town of Huntington effective as of January 1, 2010. The banned devices, which resemble outdoor sheds with a tall smoke stack affixed at the top, burn wood to heat water that is pumped through underground pipes to a home’s plumbing and heating systems and sometimes even pools. These devices, which are known to produce highly toxic and carcinogenic particles, will no longer be permitted for use ensuring the safety and public health of residents and the cleanliness of our air. Councilwoman Berland publishes “A Guide to Woodburning,” a pamphlet outlines the Huntington Town Code as it pertains to wood burning devices and provides helpful tips on how to burn in your home fireplace in a safe and clean manner.