Serving Those Who Served Us

Establishing a Women Veterans Advisory Board

As Chairwoman of the Legislature’s Veterans Committee, I work to ensure that the voices of all our veterans are heard and their concerns are addressed. I sponsored a resolution, which passed the Legislature unanimously, creating the Suffolk County Women Veterans Advisory Board. This board will provide female veterans with a protected space to discuss issues that pertain to them, a platform to advocate for their best interests and the ability to make recommendations to the Legislature regarding proposed legislation, policies and programming that affect female veterans. Thank you to my colleagues for their support of this vital initiative and thank you to Christine Glynn, StacyAnn Castro Tapler, Magdolna Resker and Cathie Norton Doherty for your advocacy. I look forward to the great work that the Advisory Board will do for Suffolk County’s female veterans.
(IR 1406-19)

Tax Exemptions for Veterans

When it was brought to my attention that a Suffolk County property tax exemption for Cold War era veterans was about to expire, I requested an emergency meeting of the Legislature to ensure that the exemption would be continued for Cold War era veterans who served between military conflicts. The resolution unanimously passed. (IR-1155)

I sponsored a resolution to provide a property tax exemption for veterans who participated in Operation Graphic Hand, a military action that mobilized personnel to avoid a national emergency in the midst of a mail carrier strike in 1970. Now Suffolk County’s veterans receive the same exemption as those in Nassau County. (IR-1768)

Honoring Our Veterans’ Service

I sponsored legislation to recognize May as Military Appreciation Month in Suffolk County. Suffolk County is home to the largest number of military veterans in the State of New York. Military Appreciation Month encourages Suffolk County residents to publicly show their appreciation for the sacrifices and accomplishments made by our military personnel. (IR 1383-19)

Supporting Veterans Service Organizations

I co-sponsored a resolution that establishes a 20-year licensing agreement between Warrior Ranch and the County for their use of the Long Island Beagle Club Property. The Warrior Ranch Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to serving veterans and first responders through horse rescue and interaction. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy has shown to be effective in treating patients, including combat veterans with PTSD, depression and anxiety, among other chronic conditions. I look forward to seeing all of the amazing work they will do with this new property and the help they will provide to Suffolk County’s heroes. (IR 1089-19)